Woodcrest UMC Mother's Day Out



Kay Wallage - Mrs. Kay has been the director of Woodcrest MDO since it began in 2007. Mrs. Kay has over twenty years total experience working with children either in day care or school. Mrs. Kay has a degree in child psychology from Texas A&M and a teaching certification from Lamar. 

Pre K Staff


Darlene Thomas - Mrs. Darlene also helped found Woodcrest MDO and is in her eleventh year of teaching PreK here. She has high expectations for her students and spends a busy year preparing them to enter Kindergarten. 

Mrs Darlene is the lead teacher for all the prek students, working closely with three other teachers to give the students the best of all worlds. We use a rotation curriculum and keep the children very busy and challenged all day.

PreK CoTeachers

Debbie Mikulencak - Mrs. Debbie is starting her ninth year with us.She leads the music and drama room.

Crissy Bailey - This is Mrs. Crissy's fourth year at Woodcrest. She leads the phonics and reading room.

Sonja Oxley - This is Mrs. Sonja's tenth year at Woodcrest. She leads the students in the math room, doing special counting and matching games with them, as well as the daily calendar routine. 



MDO Staff

Three Yr Teachers

Heather Schexnayder - Mrs. Heather is starting her third year with us. 

Misty Wineland

 Ticia Lewis

Melinda Flanagan



Two Yr Teachers

Jo Brewster - Our famous Ms. Jo has been with Woodcrest since we began and we certainly don't know what we would do without her! She has such great patience and love with the children and enjoys exploring art and creativity with them.  

Molly Powell

Nicole Guay

Brianna Pickens